about us

About the brand

Luda Nikishina is a Russian brand founded in 2009. Initially, the key items for the brand were coats - laconic, functional and made of the highest quality materials. Today the range has expanded considerably. In addition to outerwear, collections include dresses, suits, tops and skirts. All of them are created in small batches in own Moscow studio. Consider them live, try on and choose something for yourself you can in the showroom, located in the heart of the capital.

Our principles

Mark translates the idea that the image can be stylish and at the same time comfortable. Hence the thoughtout cut and the unwillingness to follow the current trends. The designer of the brand Luda Nikishina creates things that look actual, but will not go out of fashion in the next season. Each of them can easily fitinto the wardrobe and will become the basis for a number of spectacular combinations. Traditionally, special attention is paid to convenience. That is why for the creation of Luda Nikishina collections only the best Italian materials are carefully selected, pleasant both visually and tactile.

About the designer

The designer of the brand Luda Nikishina is a professional designer-designer. Lekala for her products, shedevelops independently, constantly experimenting with the cut. Thanks to this, the brand has its own recognizable style: these are laconic things that delicately emphasize the figure or, on the contrary, create asoft silhouette of an oversize. In working on models, the designer pays attention to every detail, carefully thinking everything - from the shape of the cut to the number of buttons.